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In Sweden, Remote-Control Airport Is A Reality

KPLU News - 5 hours 28 min ago
As our plane touches down in Sundsvall, Sweden, the horizon is all snow and ice. A small air traffic control tower sticks out above the white horizon.

But this airport actually has two air traffic control centers. The second one is just a short walk from the airport runway.

Inside a ground-floor, windowless room, there's a display that looks exactly like what you'd see out of an air traffic control tower. You can see the snowy runway, you can see the trees, you can even see a car pulling into the airport parking lot.

But instead of windows, these are actually screens.

Family Struggles With Father's Wish To Die

KPLU News - 5 hours 28 min ago
When 66-year-old Robert Schwimmer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013, he didn't take it all that seriously. His doctors told him it was "operable," and that was the only word he seemed to hear.

Now he's in hospice care and, as he tells NPR's Rachel Martin, he accepts that he's no longer trying to prolong life, but rather living out what's left of it.

Schwimmer wants to hasten his death if he finds himself in excruciating pain or if his quality of life sharply declines. His son Scott is willing to help him, but says there are legal and spiritual reservations.

Jordan Waits On Fate Of Its ISIS Prisoner

KPLU News - 5 hours 28 min ago
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Democrat Seeks Limits On Operations Against ISIS

KPLU News - 5 hours 28 min ago
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As In Greece, Voters In Spain Appear Ready To Oust Conservatives

KPLU News - 5 hours 28 min ago
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Ex-Secret Service Agent: Management Should Be More Proactive

KPLU News - 5 hours 28 min ago
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Class Of 2015 Faces The World: Introducing The 'Howard Project'

KPLU News - 7 hours 14 min ago
If you know any college seniors, now might be a good time to send them some encouraging words. The class of 2015 can't be blamed if they're feeling a little worried: They're facing one of the most important transitions of their lives.

In a matter of months, they're about to launch from the relatively protected confines of college into the so-called "real world," where they have to find a sense of purpose — not to mention a paycheck.

College Life Doesn't Have To Mean Crummy Cuisine, Says Dorm Room Chef

KPLU News - 7 hours 22 min ago
Emily Hu is a veritable master chef of the dorm room.

No oven? No problem. The college student is skilled at navigating the cooking limitations of campus living — she can whip up cakes with just four ingredients and a microwave, and make muffins in a toaster oven.

Her blog, called NotYourAverageCollegeFood.com, is full of recipes geared toward time-crunched students with limited resources and tiny kitchens.

At Long Last: It's Super Sunday

KPLU News - 7 hours 34 min ago
Are you ready for 17 and a half minutes of football???!!!!

That, according to a study by the Media Education Foundation, is how much live football action there was in last year's Super Bowl.

Mindy Kaling's Super Bowl Ad: Are Indian Women Invisible?

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 14:19


After Alzheimer's Diagnosis, 'The Stripping Away Of My Identity'

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 14:04
This is the second in NPR's series "Inside Alzheimer's," about the experience of living with Alzheimer's. In part one, Greg O'Brien talked about learning that he had the disease.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, says Greg O'Brien, doesn't mean your life is instantly over. "There is this stereotype that ...

Video Appears To Show Beheading Of Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 13:22
A new video reportedly released by Islamic State extremists appears to show journalist Kenji Goto, the second of two Japanese hostages held by the group, being beheaded by a black-clad, masked individual.

The SITE Intelligence group relayed the video, which comes exactly a week after ISIS militants released a video featuring audio of Goto and a still photo showing him holding what appears to be a picture of the beheaded

Cumberbatch Wants Britain To Pardon Men Convicted Under Anti-Gay Law

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 13:15
English actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry have joined in a campaign to secure 49,000 pardons – most that would be posthumous — for men convicted under Britain's now-defunct "gross indecency" law that made it a crime to be gay or bisexual.

Cumberbatch has been nominated for a best actor Oscar for his portrayal of code-breaking genius Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. Turing, who Winston Churchill described as having "made the single biggest contribution to the Allied victory in the Seco

Sound Effect, Episode 4: Myths And Legends

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 11:00

"Sound Effect" is a weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place where we live. The show is hosted by KPLU's Gabriel Spitzer.

Each week's show will explore a different theme. In this week's show, we dive into Northwest myths and legends.

The 3 Most Underreported Stories Of The Week, According To Our Roundtable

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 10:30

Here are the three most underreported stories of the week, according to the guests of our news roundtable:

Islamic State Blames Coalition Airstrikes For Losing Kobani

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 10:23
The self-declared Islamic State says airstrikes conducted by the U.S.-led coalition forced its fighters from Kobani, the first time the extremist group has acknowledged its defeat in the heavily contested Syrian border town, The Associated Press reports.

The AP reports: "In a video released by the pro-IS Aamaq News Agency late Friday, two fighters said the airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition were the main reason why [ISIS] fighters were forced to withdraw from Kobani."

BirdNote: Reddish Egret - Lagoon Dancer

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 09:00

The Reddish Egret, a particularly glamorous heron, is best known for its startling antics in capturing fish.

When fishing, the egret sprints across the lagoon, weaving left and right, simultaneously flicking its broad wings in and out, while stabbing into the water with its bill.

Fish startled at the egret’s crazed movements become targets of that pink dagger. At times, the bird will raise its wings forward over its head, creating a shadow on the water. It then freezes in this position for minutes. Fish swim in, attracted by a patch of shade and . . . well, you know the rest.  

Four Years After Revolution, Libya Slides Into Chaos

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 08:41
There was hope in Libya and around the world for Libya after Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown four years ago.

But today, Libya is a country torn apart.

U.Va. Sorority Women Say Party Ban Is Patronizing

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 08:16
Saturday is Boys' Bid Night at the University of Virginia, when fraternities welcome their new members.

Women from U.Va.'s sororities are always invited to join the Boys' Bid Night party, but this year, they're under strict orders from national sorority presidents to stay clear of frat houses. The orders come after a Rolling Stone article about a gang rape at U.Va.

Record-Setting Balloonists Touch Down In Mexico After Pacific Crossing

KPLU News - Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:36
The Eagles have landed.

Balloon pilots Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev, dubbed the "Two Eagles," who already set a distance record for a gas-filled balloon on Friday, have completed their nearly 7,000-mile journey across the Pacific from Japan to Mexico.

The Associated Press reports that Bradley of Albuquerque, N.M.